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Cycle tracks constructed by R.V.Webb Consultants

Since 1970 R.V.Webb Ltd has installed 46 small temporary indoor tracks for the promoters of professional 6-Day Race promotions and also as training tracks for local cycling organisations. Many of these installations have been repeated annually in well known European cities, London, Herning, Hannover, Genev, Bremen, Maastricht, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Leipzg, Bologna.

The first permanent track construction by R.V.Webb Ltd was the Commonwealth Games track in Edinburgh. Further construction and supervision contracts followed in Seoul, Launceston, Ipoh and Perth.

In 1989 R.V.Webb Consultants launched a new concept for design & construction. This design has resulted in record breaking tracks in Athens, Adelaide, Manchester, Wanganui, Taichung, Sydney, Melbourne and Newport. The centenary rebuild of London Herne Hill and the indoor regional training track at Calshot.

This combination of temporary and permanent track venues has given the Company construction experience with 62 tracks to date.

Ronald Vincent Webb OAM

Former Australian cycling champion residing in England
Awarded the Order of Australia in 2006

Sports Promotions Consultant
Responsible for the coordination and arrangement of sports events for television on behalf of commercial sponsors.
Promotions have included:

Cycling events include 6-Day Races for professionals on small indoor tracks.

Wembley Arena: Promoter SKOL 6-Day Race 12 years
Herning Halls Denmark: Race Director 10 years
Hanover, Germany: Race Director 3 years

From 1999 to 2005 R.V.Webb Consultants were pivotal in the organisation of the Tour Down Under road racing Tour in South Australia, in January each year.

Cycle Track construction
R.V.Webb Ltd has been responsible for the on-site construction of 62 cycle tracks since 1970.
46 of these tracks have been temporary installations in multi-purpose halls for European 6-Day Races.

15 Permanent tracks:
Construction: The Launceston Silver Dome track Tasmania, the Edinburgh Commonwealth Games track, the Seoul Olympic track, the SE.Asian Games track at Epoh, Malaysia, the Speed-Dome track Perth Western Australia.
Design & Construction: The Athens Olympic track, the centenary re-build of Herne Hill track London, the Adelaide Super Drome track South Australia, the British National Cycling Centre track in Manchester, the Wanganui Velodrome New Zealand, Calshot Velodrome Hampshire, the Taichung Velodrome Taiwan, the Sydney Olympic track, the Melbourne Vodafone Arena track, the Welsh National Cycling Centre, Newport, Wales and the complete refurbishment of the Athens Olympic track. Our last project was the London Olympic track. During the Oympics the track produced 10 World and 32 Olympic records.

From 1989 onwards, R.V.Webb Consultants have offered a very comprehensive Design and Construct package for cycling tracks around the world, working closely together with local project management and construction companies. A consultancy is also offered for practical solutions to the design of buildings to be used as velodromes and the facilities to be accommodated within the buildings.

Cycle track consultant to:
Cycling Australia
Sport England


Portable indoor track owned by R.V.Webb Consultants

Installing 160m track Wembley Arena:

SKOL 6-Day promotion Wembley Arena:

160m track Messecenter Herning Denmark:

160m track installed for 6 day race in Hanover Messe:

Palasport Bologna RVW owned 160m track:

Brondby, Copenhagen 146m track installed for 6 day race:

Leipzig, Messe Halle, 160m track installed for 6 day race:

Track installation for stadiums with own track

Stadthalle Bremen, 166m track installed for 6 day race:

Maastrict, Netherlands, 145m track installed for 6-day race:


Construction of permanent tracks

Silverdrome Launceston Tasmania, 1984 285.714m:

Edinburgh Scotland 1986 Commonwealth Games, track 250m:

Seoul Korea Olympic track construction 1986:

IPOH Malaysia 1989 S.E. Asian Games 250m:

Perth Speed Dome, 250m timber cycle track 1989:

Athens Olympic Velodrome 1990 250m:

Design and build cycle tracks

Revised design of cycle tracks

In 1989 R.V.Webb Consultants embarked upon a new concept for cycle tracks based on the needs of competitors and our own practical experience in the sport of cycling. For, although the event times of the cyclists has reduced dramatically in recent years and the focus of the sport is now concentrated on the Olympic disciplines, tracks are still being built around the world based on 1950's design ideas, some initial designs perhaps originating from the very beginnings of the track sport, one hundred years ago.

By simulating the demands of each discipline, based on tactics, racing lines and the skills of the cyclists, it is possible to define a design, which we propose is state of the art.

On the favoured track size of 250m, the world records established on tracks built by R.V.Webb Consultants tracks are proof of our concept.

Super Drome Adelaide South Australia track 1992 250m:

Herne Hill Stadium London. 1992 Centenary rebuild concrete 450m:

British National Cycling Centre, Manchester 250m 1994:

Trust Bank Velodrome Wanganui New Zealand 1995 250m:

Calshot Hampshire United Kingdom, Activities Centre Hampshire 142.857m training and regional events track 1996:

Sydney Olympic Track Dunc Gray Velodrome 1999 250m:

Taichung Velodrome Taiwan 1997 333.333m:

Melbourne Vodafone Arena 250m 2000:

Newport Welsh National Cycling Centre 2003 250m:

Refurbished Olympic Track Athens 2004 250m:

London 2012 Olympic Track 2011 250m

The 2012 Olympic cycling events at the London Velodrome

10 world records and 32 Olympic records were recorded on the Ron Webb designed track

In the Paralympics which followed the Olympics 20 world records and 21 Paralympic records were recorded

London 2012 Velodrome

Ron Webb has now retired from active track building

Velodrome design


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